Pushing the boundaries of artistic exploration
to the outer limits of light, shadow and aural expression.

What we Do

We thrive on prowling through the hidden portals of social consciousness, for the express purpose of extracting its divine imperfections..


Who we Are

Designfl4w is an infinitely evolving collective of sonic, visual and technology gurus existing in a continuum of amorphous expression. Our propagation through the weboshpere continues to be instantiated by shadowvex and a core of amazing people in an ever expanding spiral; front line innovators of the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle techno-industrial-psychedelic-punk movements; trailblazing tribal counsel leaders from the deserts of the West Coast; inventive instigators of Defcon's hacker networks; as well as a multitude of miscellaneous mischievous mayhem makers of the American West Coast electronic music and outdoor festivals and events dating back to the 1970s and 1980s



Here is varies projects, events, and experiences we have to share.

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